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Murder on the Moors. The game's afoot! The Hound of the Baskervilles.
The mystery is back! The last time a really good puzzler was on our stages was 2008’s The Inspector Calls … long a cornerstone of The Shaw’s lineups, the mystery makes a welcome return and boy is it excellent. The most famous detective in the world will don his deerstalker and accompanied by his trusty Watson head to the Yorkshire moors to untangle a perplexing murder mystery. Actor Damien Atkins, who plays Sherlock Holmes, spent time chatting with us about his return to The Shaw and tackling the role of the famous consulting detective. It’s all elementary! This is actually your second season at The Shaw! How does it feel to return to Niagara-on-the-Lake? It feels surreal. It's familiar but totally alien to me. My first season was 21 years ago, so a lot has changed! And some things have not changed at all. I initially moved to Ontario from Alberta to work at the Shaw Festival, so it was a great gift to be here in 1997. And it's a great gift to be back in 2018. How has it been working with longtime Shaw actor Ric Reid – the Watson to your Holmes? Ric is a splendid actor and a beautiful man. He is very patient and very game. So it's a treat. There have been many portrayals of Sherlock Holmes – Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett, Robert Downey Jr and mostly recently and perhaps most famously Benedict Cumberbatch to name a few – are you partial to a particular Sherlock Holmes? I stopped looking at other Sherlocks, honestly, so I could give myself some room to imagine my own. I love Benedict Cumberbatch in general, and I'd seen some episodes of his series, and loved them. My best answer is this: I am very much partial to the literary Sherlock Holmes, the one that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote. Since Holmes is one of the most (perhaps the most) oft-portrayed character in all of western fiction, we have lots of examples of interpretations of Sherlock Holmes. But the original, the one that exists on the page (or somewhere in the liminal space between the page and one's imagination) is pretty great. There are 56 short stories and four novels featuring Sherlock Holmes, and I read all of them. There's lots of inspiration and detail you can get from the source material itself. 
                            The more you research Sherlock Holmes, the more you start to feel like he really existed. (This is and was part of his appeal — he seems both superhuman and real; brilliant but recognizably flawed. When Doyle tried to kill him off, fans reacted as if an actual physical death had occurred.) Sherlock Holmes is the only fictional person ever to receive a fellowship from The Royal Society of Chemistry. So playing Holmes feels more like playing a real person than anything else. You are also in Henry V this season … can you tell us a bit about this production? It's a beautiful and thoughtful production. It takes place in the trenches of World War I. Soldiers rehearsing a production of Henry V. I can almost guarantee you've never seen anything like it. I haven't.
More Mystery Fun! Escape Room at the Festival Theatre
                            August 18 and 24 at 6pm $30 / $25 for under 30s and Shaw Friends. Discover your inner Sherlock Holmes and solve a mystery. An immersive, puzzle-solving adventure on the groundsof the Festival Theatre. Call 1-800-511-7429 to book your spot.
See The Magician’s Nephew – a perfect family outing before summer ends. See The Magician’s Nephew – a perfect family outing before summer ends. Before the kiddies head back to school in September, take them to see The Magician’s Nephew. Flying horses, evil witches, a magical portal to another world, it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Call our Box Office at 1-800-511-7429 and ask about youth pricing,pre-show workshop and The Magician’s Nephew Family Package.
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Buy Tickets to the Magician's Nephew Wardrobe Wrapped. Our wardrobe department has wrapped up another season and what a season it was. Creating and constructing a wide varietyof costumes that covered many different time periods. Here’s a selection of some of the fabulous fashions from our 2018 Season. Photo credits from top to bottom: Of Marriage and Men dress designed by Tamara Marie Kucheran, Oh What a Lovely War nurse and suffragette costumes designed by Teresa Przybylski, Deborah Hay and James Daly in Grand Hotel. Costumes designed by Judith Bowden. Yanna McIntosh in The Baroness and the Pig. Costumes designed by Camellia Koo. August 25, 11AM in our Gallery Space. Join director Peter Hinton for our August 25 Deeper Dialogues session. Enjoy an insightful discussion on whether or not theatre is an effective lens through which to examine history. $20/$15 for Shaw Friends. Call 1-800-511-7429 to book your spot. Party in the Vineyard: Wine Country Fare. Put on your Stetson and dust off your cowboy boots to Party in
                            the Vineyard at this summer's hottest country music festival!Get ready to party with Canadian country favourites, The RoadHammers and The Reklaws. What country hoedown would be
                            complete without mechanical bull rides and line dancing?
                            Chef Jason Parsons will be serving up some of his favourites at
                            the Barrel House Grill, or dig into some mouth-watering 
                            country-inspired fare from a variety of food trucks. Shaw Members Go Beyond the Stage Shaw Members Go Beyond the Stage Shaw Members Go Beyond the Stage Shaw Members Go Beyond the Stage Footer -legal
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